Are Dogs Allowed in Wineries? – 8 Must Know Dog Etiquette Tips for Tasting Rooms

You are going to wine country for a wine tasting adventure and you’d like to include your best furry buddy. But can you take your dog to a winery? Absolutely! It just takes a little planning.

Most wineries across the country warmly welcome dogs in their outdoor areas, such as a patio, porch, or picnic area.  Many dog-friendly wineries allow dogs inside the tasting room. 

Some wineries must restrict your dog to the outdoor areas due to food preparation or service. Other wineries prohibit dogs altogether.

Here are 8 helpful tips to make your dog accompanied wine tasting visit successful.

1.   Plan Ahead

Be sure to check Grape Adventures’ listings for dog-friendly wineries, restaurants, lodging, and events.  It is always best to call ahead to the winery to confirm the winery’s dog policy in case things have changed. 

2.  Keep Your Dog On A Short Leash 

In the United States, pets are required to be on a leash in most public areas. So it comes as no surprise that most wineries require this, too. 

Keep your dog on a short leash while inside and outside the winery and if the tasting room is crowded, it may be best to have your wine tasting outside. 

Be sensitive that not everyone is comfortable around dogs.  Dogs can be frightening to some people, even if your dog is very friendly.

3.    Practice Good Dog Manners

It is important to note that “dog-friendly” wineries are typically friendly towards “well-behaved dogs”. When taking your dog to the winery, it’s important to respect the owners, their property, and other guests.

Overwhelmingly, most guests and winery staff warmly welcome our furry friends and will go out of their way to love on them. However, they still expect your dog to behave, not bark too much or jump on people. A dog that continually barks or an unruly dog could be asked to leave.

4.    Bring a Water Bowl

Many dog-friendly wineries kindly provide a public shared water bowl. However, sometimes the staff are busy and cannot refill the water. Maybe it has been sitting in the hot sun or is dirty. So, it is always safest to bring your own.

5.    Bring Treats

Sometimes a planned hour wine tasting outing can become longer when you are enjoying yourself. Carry a serving of your dog’s food in a sealable container, so your dog doesn’t have to skip a meal while you’re sipping your Syrah. A good supply of treats are also great to have on hand. 

6.    Clean-up after your Pup

Take your pooch for a walk around the outside of the winery, before entering the tasting room. This helps to prevent any accidents inside the tasting room and may also burn off some pent-up dog energy. If nature calls, please pick up after your pet.

7.    Be Attentive to Your Dog’s Emotions

You need to be sure a busy winery or tasting room is a good fit for your dog. Not all dogs enjoy the experience.  Keep an eye on your dog’s stress level and make sure they’re having as much fun as you are. 

8.     Keep Your Dog Occupied and Happy

Keep your dog happily entertained with enjoyable activities like favorite toys, chews, and treats. Be sure toys are quiet without noises or squeaks. Avoid your dog getting bored and disturbing the experience of other tasting room guests.

We frequently bring our dog “Charlie” along with us on wine tasting adventures and he is almost always met with a warm welcome. We hope you can use these tips to make your winery tasting room visit with your dog most enjoyable.

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