Folded Hills Estate Tasting Room and Winery at the Homestead


Drink the farm. Organic – Sustainable – Delicious. Enjoy a Cleaner Way to Drink. Small Batch Hand-Crafted Wines – with As Little Interference As Possible.

Located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, Folded Hills Estate Tasting Room at the Homestead is our newest and most anticipated project to date. Tucked behind the coastal mountains of Santa Barbara County, we are the closest winery to the ocean, and your first stop on the way to wine country.

Our award-winning tasting room is in the original dwelling of a simple homesteader, who settled here in 1898. Along with raising animals, planting trees and tending to row crops, he built a hillside vineyard and made pre-Prohibition wine in his basement. The story is so captivating, you can feel it speak through the walls, floors and relics left behind.

The unique restoration we have completed preserves these nostalgic characteristics as well as the organic farm and trees that surround us.

Folded Hills is a sustainable, integrated farm and working ranch. Organic grapes grow side by side with row crops, stone fruit orchards, cattle and farm animals. Dorper and Rambouillet sheep graze the cover crops in the vineyards, and natural ladybugs come down from the hills every February to grace the vineyard. The ranch is also home to a pair of Budweiser Clydesdales (Gus and Dolph), a camel named George and Zazu the zebra. Peacocks and chickens share the land with Kunekune pigs, llamas, donkeys and even a rescue cow named Peaches. 

Folded Hills Homestead is a come-as-you-are kind of place. A place where we have serious standards when it comes to our wine, while never taking ourselves too seriously. We are thrilled to have this vineyard location to share it all with you — the wine we make, the food we grow, the animals we raise, and the experiences behind it all.

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2323 Old Coast Hwy

Gaviota, California 93117


805-694-8086 ext 1


Hours - Call to Verify


11am – 5pm


Covid-19 Update: 

We are Open!

Offering Wines by the Glass or Bottle. Reservations Required. Email or Call to Schedule your Visit. 

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