Larner Vineyard and Winery


The family’s motto of Geology, Origins, and Territory are best exemplified in the passion indeered on all the estate wines. The geology is principal, not only since that was Michael’s background, but it is the sole composition of the building blocks that make the vineyard and varietals excel in the estate. The origins revolves around not just the legacy created by the Larner family, but also reminiscent of the origins of the award wining fruit that has set the vineyard apart as a “Californian Grand Cru”, stated by Robert Parker, Jr., that ultimately leads to world-class wines. Lastly, the territory, which must be perfectly suited to allow the cultivated varietals to express their true characteristics, where year after year the gapes and their wines consistently produce optimal aromas and flavors – eventually entering the vintage bottled time-capsuled.


2900 Grand Avenue
Los Olivos, Califronia





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