Rock Canyon Vineyard


Rock Canyon Vineyards is located in sunny Alpine Ca.  The altitude at 3000ft, sandy DG soil, sloping hillsides,  hot summer days and cool nights contribute to our production of quality unfiltered red wines.  Rock Canyon Vineyards started as a breeding ranch for  horses in 2000.  We planted our first vineyard of Zinfandel grapes in 2000. Over the years we have added Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah & Tempranillo.  Like our love for horses, grapes and the production of fine  wines has become our passion too.

Our philosophy is to provide consumers with a quality, handcrafted wine.   Although we grow several varieties, we strive to find old vine(mature) grapes throughout Southern California, to bring to you a mature, full bodied, delicious wine.

We are considered a “Boutique or Cult Winery” due to our small size. With a small operation comes higher quality control, more attention to detail and a genuine love in the making of our wines.

Tours/tastings by Appointment.

Make a day of it in Alpine!  Come visit Rock Canyon.  You will find “Rock Canyon, it’s not just a wine tasting….it’s an adventure!” 
We will take you through our wine making process while sampling some of our latest varietals.  Then we take you on a ride through our vineyards and visit with the donkeys and horses.
Please Contact us for directions by email: [email protected]  or
By phone: 619-445-4763



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Tours and Tastings By Appointment


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