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Join Grape Adventures on a wine, culinary and sightseeing multi-day tour specifically designed for private group travel.  

Spend quality time with friends or family in small groups of 6-10 people.

Embark on one of our carefully curated itineraries and leave all of the planning, reservations and details to us…

Or, work with Grape Adventures to build your own customized tour.

Tours are guided by a Grape Adventures leader in upscale transportation. Your leader travels with you to ensure all details are taken care of and your experience is enjoyable.

So Join Us!

Become an expert in your tour destination.

Nurture friendships or family ties and create cherished memories.

For groups less than 6 or greater than 10, please inquire.

Grape Adventures is a food and wine-inspired travel and tour company with a focus on small groups in the cities and wine regions of California.

We offer private experiences perfect for visitors from around the world, and for locals celebrating an event or just looking for a fun way to spend time together.

Grape Adventures are ideal for corporate client entertainment and team building events.

Our women only multi-day tours provide the opportunity to join-in a tour with other women to enjoy new experiences together and make new connections.

The mission at Grape Adventures is to provide guest experiences that entertain, educate (without being boring!), and provide unmatched customer service with personal touches that will create cherished memories.

We look forward to entertaining you soon!

Cheers!  Julie

Founder, Travel Designer, Host

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